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Enetcosystem is extremely grateful for all the support so far, thus we have set up a campaign for the community, to compete for the TOP Leaderboards + Discord Role Rewards, as each roles holds a different benefit, that’s why we advice the community to try and stay on TOP of the leaderboards.😊

we’ve made the activity as fun and easy as possible, and making sure that through the campaign the community will get to learn more and understand what Enetecosystem is all about. we hope to see everyone fully active!!! 👋

What is Zealy (Crew3)?

Zealy is a platform that helps Web3 communities drive growth and engagement by turning their members into contributors. With Zealy, community members compete for the leaderboard’s top spots and get rewards by completing quests. Zealy enables E•Network to onboard, entertain, educate, and grow our community in a scalable way.

How to join the zealy campaign?

Create account on Zealy using Discord or your wallet address.

Join E•network Community on Zealy:

Complete the quest and mission on the platform

  • Earn XP – The more quest you complete, the more XP’s you earn, and staying on TOP of the leaderboard is the the best shot at joining or getting the Lord’s Role on our discord channel, which in return gives you more benefits (Airdrop, Whitelist, Governance, etc) within the ecosystem than others, due to your contribution in growing the community.

How many Roles are available?

There are 3 Roles ready to be claimed, the higher your Role, the Higer your rewards and benefits within the ecosystem.

  • Elite: Elite role is the 3rd🥉 role, which was distributed to the early members of E•network and currently ongoing, will be closed on the 30.04.2023.
  • Master: Master is the 2nd 🥈 role.
  • Lord/Lieges: This are the Root of the ecosystem. Most of the members will be involved in decision making of the ecosystem.

Period of Campaign

  • The campaign currently has no timeline and will be announced on our social platform, should there be a defined timeline.


You will be automatically disqualified, if after claiming your XP’s, you delete the quest you have completed.

Reward Distribution

  • The TOP leaderboards will be granted the exclusive Lord’s Role, in E•network Discord channel, which comes with many benefits. The team observes the leaderboard and gives out the necessary role’s to every participant accordingly .
  • There are many ways to get the Role’s on E•network Discord channel. Headover to the campaign and find out.

Rewards will be announced prior to launch of the $ENET token.

Rewards will be distributed within seven days after $ENET listing

Join now and secure your spot on the leaderboard!!!

About E•Network

E•network is an innovative and dynamic DeFi ecosystem dedicated to accelerating the adoption of crypto and digital currencies through user-friendly and accessible technology. The platform is designed to cater to the needs of both crypto enthusiasts and businesses with well structured business model, by providing investment opportunities and fair access to the ecosystem building process.

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